The Vital Importance of an Editorial Calendar

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Developing a content strategy should be a priority for businesses of all sizes, and we’re not just talking about over the next two weeks. Maintaining an editorial calendar is an effective way to get ideas on paper, decide on what content will be created and determine how to best promote it. Regardless of what type of content is being created, an unrelenting commitment to high quality work should be evident throughout.

Content Consistency

Ensuring content consistency is especially relevant when you have a multi-person team. It goes without saying, the larger a team grows the harder it is to stay on the same page. An editorial calendar will help advance this goal by ensuring that a range of topics are covered.

Staying on Schedule

An editorial calendar can be planned weeks, months, or even years ahead. By encouraging accountability, it helps ensures that content is being published on a regular basis. While clear deadlines and a schedule will help things stay on track, things won’t always going according to The editorial calendar will serve as a central place to reflect these timelines tweaks as they come in.

Monitoring Metrics

A content strategy can always be improved upon but in order to know what to improve, the effectiveness of your current efforts needs to be measured. Be sure to closely monitor the statistics from our efforts to help determine what is driving ROI and what is not. Remember, the editorial calendar is not intended to be a stagnant piece, but rather a tool that is refined over time to most effectively accomplish your goals.

The team strategized about content, scheduled it for publication within the editorial calendar, drafted it and posted it, now what? Be sure to clearly outline who is responsible for audience interaction. Any comments you receive on a social media or blog post are open doors to interacting with your audience, each of them should be responded to thoughtfully.