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The whole world is changing.  It seems like there are no rules.  Businesses that are ignoring tradition, throwing away  B-School processes are experiencing extraordinary success: often dwarfing traditional institutions and changing the world forever.  It’s happening every day all around us.  There are innovators and there are losers – I mean – traditionalists.  New billionaires are cropping up everywhere and we’re all surrounded with a new generation of business owners that really don’t care how it’s been done before.  How do we compete?  Are you a traditional business trying to survive in a world without rules?

Someone once said that if you aren’t going forward, you are going backward.  That axiom has never been more accurate than today.

Do traditional media strategies still work?  Maybe. Yes.

Does radio or  TV still work? Absolutely . . . if it is the right tactic for your strategy and if your execution model is valid.

Where does cable fit in?  That’s a very difficult question and can’t be answered in this short response.  However, cable can be very effective and a very important part of your overall media strategy. . . especially on a national basis.  It gets a little trickier when you are working with a local cable company.

Perhaps the most important aspect if dealing with these media is that most of their sales people are not properly trained to work with anything other than the big traditional agency.  Most, on both sides – agency and ad reps – have no idea how to create and execute a program that will deliver incremental and measurable results for your company.   They spend their time with computer programs calculating rating points and what they’re worth.  The fact is that any media department using this as a strategy for your business, a business that needs incremental response from every dollar that you invest, should be fired.  At the end of they day, your money is AT RISK and there is no “accountability quotient” for the person selling you advertising.

You had better have an expert that knows how to activate media on your side negotiating on your behalf.  To entrust your ad budget to a sales rep, who is being driven by a sales manager who’s only job is to sell as much to as many as possible without regard to success or failure is paramount to putting all of your money on the pass or don’t pass line on a craps table in Vegas.

Branding Plus Marketing Group has verifiable success of creating and executing strategies that generate incremental results for its clients.

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