What Social Media Platforms are Right for Your Brand?

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When it comes to telling people about your brand, you likely want to shout about it from the rooftops for all to hear. While that would certainly garner some attention in the neighborhood, having an active business presence on social media is a far more effective way to reach, and target, your target audience. With limited time and manpower on your hands though, how do you determine which social media channel is right for your brand?


Undoubtedly, Pinterest is a powerhouse when it comes to marketing to women. The Pinterest buy button makes it easier than ever to sell a product by redirecting users to your website. Products in the home décor, food, or fashion space are but a few examples of the kinds of content that thrives on Pinterest.


At a bare minimum, your company should have a basic presence on Facebook, via creation of a company page. Even if you elect not to invest precious marketing dollars and time in posting regularly, you can still list your contact information, website url, hours of operation, and other basic but pertinent information relevant to your business. With some strategy behind your efforts, Facebook has proven to be an effective way to target consumers in the 25-54 age bracket.


With the introduction of an algorithm, the content users see on Instagram has shifted away from the chronological order of the past. While this change may make it harder to execute on your Instagram strategy, it shouldn’t keep you from exploring whether the platform is the right fit for your brand. Having reached 1 billion active monthly users this year, it can make for an effective way to build a brand.

Rather than clocking in hours in an effort to capitalize on many of the social media platforms, a best practice is to focus on just a couple platforms. Consider which social media channel your target user spends the most time and concentrate your efforts there to maximize results.