The rules of engagement in marketing consistently change, and television is not immune to this.  The proliferation of alternative channels have forced networks and local affiliates to search for new ways to generate revenue.  A perfect example is the acquisition of NBC by Comcast.  While not publicly stated, it is apparent the the real value of NBC does not lie in its network of affiliates or it’s national news programming. No, the real value of NBC is it’s archive of content.

Alternative delivery systems have been growing since the first introduction of “pay for viewing” in the late 50′s and early 60′s.  Apple is developing content distribution and management systems that will forever change the way we consume TV. This is forcing major broadcasting companies to re-think, react and re-deploy assets to protect their positions in the market. The reality is that their current positions are not really worth protecting. They would be better served to get on the front side of the content distribution  revolution and innovate. But that’s not going to happen.  They will continue to try to protect their current assets and adapt to the market as the market dictates.

There is much more that we could write here, but suffice it to say that, if you are interested in TV advertising, you had better approach it with a pragmatic objectivity that narrowly defines your objectives and implements tactics against available programming that will accompish the same.

Branding Plus Marketing Group has developed unique TV strategies that have enabled its clients to succeed where others fail.  If you want results, incremental and measurable, from your TV advertising, give us a call.  We’ll help you develop a new execution model that will destroy the enigma that has become television advertising.

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The Statewide Remodeling TV campaign featured an ad dealing with the fact that most contractors don’t stay in business over 5 years.  Statewide has been in business over 25 years and provides great service.  This campaign pokes fun of what might happen if you here “Chuck In A Truck” to do your bathroom remodeling.  It could be bad.  We used a couple of very talented, although slow moving sloths to make our point.  Enjoy.

This window campaign for Statewide Remodeling really captures the sentiment and emotion of what it’s like to hire a company to replace your windows.  You never know what you’re going to get either from the contractor or the quality of the product itself.  Statewide has been in business over 25 years and have the best replacement window on the market.

Jacksons Home & Garden was a long time radio advertiser in the DFW market. It took several years of urging, but when they finally took the plunge into the visual world of television, they saw record numbers and a lot of new faces around the store. We chose to take advantage of how stunning the store looks during the holidays for our first flight.  After a successful seasonal run, they added a spring campaign to their marketing plan.

The Good Contractor's List is a home service directory where they back all their recommended contractor's work.  The client wanted to tap into the seasonality for one of its biggest categories- air conditioning. 

This series of spots was created to showcase Rodney Anderson as a mortgage solution for "all walks of life". Our goal was to show that regardless of your situation, Rodney Anderson was there to give you expert assistance in getting your home loan taken care of.

Stacy Furniture has an expansive showroom and we needed to showcase as much of their product as possible. Using a split screen effect allowed us to get the sale message across through Rick and Dorian while still focusing on the most important part- the furniture!

HourCare was a brand-new health clinic and needed a well-produced television commercial on a start-up budget. We decided to go with a spot that was all digitally produced to keep the costs down without sacrificing quality.