Through the dot com boom, bust and ensuing ten years- interactive communication is beginning to find its footing.  The fastest growing segment of advertising and marketing in the world is still in its infancy.  While “THE FOG” of newness may be lifting and tactics become more clear, changes are manifesting themselves just as fast.

At Branding Plus Marketing Group we believe that your electronic strategy is more important today than it has ever been and that it will be even more important tomorrow.

Anything less than an active strategy on the World Wide Web will relegate you to the status of a tri-fold brochure.  Now there is nothing wrong with the old reliable brochure website.  But if that is where your execution model ends, you are missing the most important marketing revolution since the first cave man advertised his desires by walking outside his cave and proclaiming at the top of his lungs, “I want a woman!!”  Little did he know that, having let his desires be known to his entire community, that he had created the first marketing revolution – ever.

This area is so dynamic that you need to be certain that your electronic partner has a progressive knowledge of where the field is headed with a pragmatic sense of viability to insure that your investment and tactics are well conceived and executed.  Whether you just need a website, an electronic P.R. campaign, or a full blown web based marketing strategy (including Facebook and YouTube, Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization), there are as many different opinions of what to do as there are companies proclaiming themselves experts in the field.  Hence, my earlier reference to “THE FOG”. Branding Plus Marketing Group will work with you to create convergence with your traditional and electronic strategies.  We will use metrics to constantly evaluate performance and create improvement.  There is no one right answer to the interactive opportunity.  Historical experience, pragmatic thinking and creative execution will insure that your strategic endeavors are successful.


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