4 Powerful Elements of Modern Website Design


Consider your website to be a platform for telling your company story. Once a prospect has cracked the book to the first page, your homepage, how can you keep them reading? There are a few elements to modern website design that will help nudge your prospects along to learn more about the solutions you offer.

Quality Imagery

One of the first things any visitor to your website will notice is your imagery. In addition to being high resolution, your hero images should be large and mobile responsive. Designing a responsive website will go a long way in managing a positive user experience. With a large hero image, visitors will be inspired to scroll down, to see what you have to offer below the fold. Leveraging the power of hero images will also take pressure off of relying on copy to get your message across.

Consistent Branding, Including Typography!

As you establish brand guidelines, don’t forget about typography. Often times this valuable element is an afterthought. Take some time to select a typography that expresses your brand but make sure that it’s supported across browsers. Font size plays into this as well, determine what size your headers, sub-headers and main body copy will be. Your color palette should be strong but limited, with plenty of white space.

Short Videos

Including brief videos that feature your product or service is an effective way to communicate the solution you are presenting to prospective clients. Videos have been proven influential in a prospects decision to buy a product or service.

Clear Calls-to-Action

Every visitor to your website is a prospective customer. Your website is intended to not only tell your story but also to build relationships with these visitors. As you create valuable content to offer your visitors, be sure to include strategic, clear calls-to-action. Any opportunity you have to capture visitor contact information should be taken so that you can continue building relationships with these prospects once they leave your website.

There you have it! Four elements to consider when designing your modern website.