3 Essential Elements of Impactful Logo Design

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A logo tells the story of your brand in its purest form. It is a graphical representation of your business and should be on-brand, simple and versatile. Including these three essential elements of an impactful logo design will get your brand well on its way to building a recognizable identity.


Does the logo you are creating effectively convey the essence of your brand and its product or service offering? Consider the iconic logos of FedEx, Nike and McDonald’s, each of which evokes an emotion from you that likely immediately springs to mind. Spend some time intentionally visualizing your logo design and consider whether the emotion it evokes seamlessly speaks to your brand. Ensure that your logo is consistent with the other shapes and colors incorporated in your overall brand.


The logo design you land on should be memorable, it should stick in the minds of prospective and current customers. A logo that is simple is much easier to remember than one that is overly complex. As a best practice, keep copy to a minimum in your logo. It seems obvious but any text in your logo should be legible regardless of what size the logo is reduced or expanded to. Don’t make the mistake of trying to over communicate who your business is and what you do in your logo.


It’s easy to envision your new logo on your website, business card and email signature. As you conceive a new logo, be sure to consider how it will look across mediums and in different applications. Does it look as good on a billboard as it does in a print advertisement? Is it overly reliant on colors to make an impact? Your logo should be compelling in gray-scale, reverse print and black and white.

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