Key Tips for Effective Small Business Holiday Marketing

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As you ramp up your marketing efforts during one of the busiest times of the year, consider whether you’re being as effective as possible. The team at Branding Plus pulled together a few key points to keep in mind when marketing your small business over the holidays to make this your best season yet!

Drive Value

As with all marketing initiatives, keep driving value at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Ask yourself, do you have a product or service offering that your customers value most? If so, consider offering a limited time discount or coupon code during part of the holiday season. Boost the reach of your discount by encouraging your customers to share it with their network!

Be Strategic

Keep in mind that your customers and prospects will have tons of communications coming at them from all of their favorite brands during the holiday season. You’ll have to be strategic to differentiate yourself from all of the other brands communicating with them. Be sure that your strategy is implemented across a number of marketing channels, such as email newsletters, direct mail, and social media. Your plan should have a sense of cohesion across all of the assets you create, whether their digital or physical.

Timing is Everything

Start early, timing is everything when marketing your small business during the holidays. Take advantage of slower times to prepare for the busy season ahead. Be sure to develop an automated and optimized email series in advance so that you have all of your ducks in a row when the time comes.

Express Gratitude

This is the optimal time of year to express appreciation for your customers. Amidst all of the noise clogging up their inbox, they’re likely to appreciate a thoughtful and heartfelt thank you for their role in building your business. Taking a moment to express gratitude is a simple yet impactful way to make your customer feel special.

Our four simple key points are sure to help you boost sales through your holiday marketing efforts while thanking your customers for their role in your success!