3 Distinct Advantages of Print Marketing Efforts

Print is dead. You’ve heard this idea floated time and again. While constant advancements in technology have pigeonholed print marketing as an old-school move, there is a time and a place where print is an effective marketing strategy. We’ve rounded up three distinct advantages of print marketing to support our assertion that print is most certainly not dead!

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Stronger Staying Power

While an email alert is a more immediate form of communicating, email alerts also fades into the distance quickly as your target is hit with an onslaught of other emails. A print piece has stronger staying power and might linger on a work desk or kitchen counter for weeks, helping your brand stay top-of-mind. Holding that tangible catalog or brochure also helps create a tether between your audience and your brand. 

Broadening Your Reach 

Believe it or not, not everyone is active online or juggling their presence on multiple social media platforms. While one of your prospective target markets might tap away at their phone all day, another might consume their content via hard copy mail. By adopting comprehensive marketing strategies that employ both digital and print efforts, you can tap several different audiences at once. Weaving both print and digital strategies will undoubtedly expand your reach and perhaps even uncover some untapped prospects in the meantime. 

Narrow Your Focus

Leverage the power of your website and social media marketing efforts to target your specific consumer. Even for companies that aren’t budget-strapped, sending printed materials to an exhaustive list of target consumers can be cost-prohibitive. Once you have a list of qualified leads of those who have interacted with your brand, you can develop a targeted mailing promoting a specific product or service. Although it requires more work on the front end to collect data for qualified leads, narrowing your focus will improve your success rate while bringing print and mailing costs down. 

The three print marketing advantages we’ve outlined apply whether you’re kicking off a print marketing strategy in the Dallas-Forth Worth area or beyond!