Marketing is About Your Whole Company

Talk to people in advertising. Talk to your sales department. Ask them what marketing means. It’s likely you’ll get a wide variety of answers. At Branding Plus, we’ll tell you marketing is about your whole company. Marketing is much more than a mission statement or a single campaign. It’s a strategy that affects every facet of your business and every employee.

Think about it like this. One part of marketing is brand recognition. Like with a political campaign, you need to get your name out there, let people know what you stand for. But that’s only one piece of a much larger strategy. And all the pieces must fit together to present a balanced and believable picture of your company to the public.

As people interact with your company, every response they get – every email, every phone call, every business card passed at a networking event is a piece of this marketing puzzle. When all the pieces come together to form a complete picture, customers know, like and trust you and your brand. If any of the pieces seem to belong in a different puzzle, it can raise questions.

Everyone, from the person who answers your phones up to the CEO needs to understand your marketing strategy and their role in implementing it. When you launch a new product or embark on a new social media or other advertising campaign, it all needs to fit into your marketing puzzle.

Remember, in this fast pace, always connected society, one wrong word, one confused or upset customer can impact your company in critical ways. The best way to avoid this is to be on the offensive with a marketing strategy that everyone understands and knows how to implement appropriately for their role.

If you’re ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level, get in touch! We’ll work with you to develop a marketing strategy that takes every facet of your Dallas business into account.

Printed Media Still Reaches Dallas Consumers

In the world of marketing today, there’s a lot of emphasis on online tactics. It’s easy to think that printed media like tri-fold brochures, business cards and posters are no longer necessary. The truth is that to effectively market your Dallas business, you need both online strategies and printed materials. They both have a place, depending on the situation.


A well done, color brochure can catch the eye of potential customers and set your business apart of the competition. They’re great at trade shows or for leaving on bulletin boards or similar displays at Dallas area shops and business where your potential clients basis is likely to spend time. Bigger than a business card, brochures are likely to been seen first and not get lost in the shuffle of receipts and other items that collect throughout the course of a day.

Business Cards

Although they’re one of the most basic business marketing tools, they still work. And for good reason. When you’re talking with someone who has a need for the products or services you offer, the easiest thing to do is hand them your business card. It’s simple to carry a bunch of them with you and it’s unlikely the recipient will discard them because they take up too much space. Well-designed business cards provide all the necessary information and make those who see it excited to contact you.


Dallas is a great place to hold special events and posters are an excellent way to let people know about it. Displaying them in the same places you would brochures not only increases attendance at your event, it also generates brand awareness – just like political posters generate name recognition for a particular candidate.

Branding Plus helps your Dallas business get noticed online and offline. Our print shop can produce all the printed marketing material your business needs to stand out from the crowd. Contact us today to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

Online Presence Grows Your Dallas Business

You’ve read the articles and heard the conversations. You know you need to have an active online presence to make your Dallas business a success, but you have no idea what that really means. The lingo itself sounds confusing. “SEO, social media marketing, hashtags, etc.” What is all that and how does it apply to marketing your business? You probably feel like your trapped in a fog of lingo and “should haves” without knowing how to apply any of it to your company. Read on.


It used to be that a sign was necessary for people to know your business excited in a particular location. Now, it’s a website. If your Dallas company doesn’t have a website it doesn’t exist to those who are looking for what you offer. However, it’s bit more complex than simply having a website. This where the fog starts to roll in. The way your website is designed and what’s happening behind the scenes affects how well people are able to find the site when the search on Google or other sites. Collectively, this is called SEO.

Social Media Marketing

In its infancy, social media was simple. There were a few sites and there wasn’t a lot going on behind the scenes impacting who saw what. That’s all changed. Now, there are a huge variety of social media outlets and each has a different use and likely set of users. The question for marketing your Dallas business becomes “which social media outlets are right for me?” It’s not always an easy question to answer and you likely need more than one. Again, more fog. Think about your target audience for marketing. That will help you clue in to the best social media sites.

Lifting the Fog of Marketing Your Dallas Business

Is the fog starting to lift at all? Don’t worry if it’s not. At Branding Plus, we’re experts at cutting through the fog and getting your Dallas business noticed online. Reach out to us today to start growing your online presence.