Creating a Successful Advertising Campaign

Advertising has changed a lot in recent years, and it will continue to change rapidly in part due to the ever increasing number of places to advertise. It can be tough to know where and how to best advertise your Dallas business. Amazing products fail every day because of ineffective advertising. Don’t let this happen to you!

Change Your Process

Traditional business school training and advertising executives have always thought about advertising in terms of “verticals.” Read almost any job description for an advertising position and they talk about this vertical or that one. The truth is that advertising is no longer about verticals, though still have their place. Switch your thinking on this. Advertising is now HORIZONTAL. It’s about reaching people and having one on one interactions. It’s about having people tell their peers about your product. It’s a broad spread instead of a narrow focus. Otherwise, you’ll likely be wasting time and money on an advertising campaign that’s not delivering measurable results.

The Branding Plus Advertising Method

Think about the last product or service you purchased. Did you buy it based solely on an advertisement or did you have reviews, suggestions or recommendations from your friends? If you’re like most people, you saw your friends post about it on social media or you asked for recommendations.

At Branding Plus, we build an advertising campaign that gets your Dallas company talked about. You’ll have measurable, incremental results so you’ll know the money you spend is increasing your market share. It may seem counter-intuitive, but we’re more focused on the results than on creating a “good” advertising campaign.

Sure, a certain insurance company’s gecko is cute and iconic, but does anyone really know if he’s bringing them more business? Rather than creating something that will make us all say “wow, that’s a great ad,", we design advertising campaigns that actually get results – and by results we mean more sales! Contact us today to start your successful advertising campaign.