How to Effectively Refine Your Social Media Strategy

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Social media marketing remains a strong force when it comes to connecting with prospective and existing customers for business of all sizes. Taking some time to refine your social media strategy with our three suggestions may make 2019 the year you maximize the networks you’ve established on your social media networks. 

Boost Responsiveness 

Effective social media marketing doesn’t end once you hit that publish button. In fact, this first step is just the beginning. Keep responsiveness at the forefront of your strategy and be sure to respond to any comments or questions followers are posing. Remember, the reach of these posts extends far beyond just the individuals you are engaging with. Timely, professional responses can go a long way in developing meaninful relationships between your brand and prospects, while laying the foundation for trust in your company.

Personalized Content

Gone are the days of blanketed content with wide applicability. With unprecedented levels of data available online, companies are dialing in on prospect intelligence more accurately than ever before. Leverage the insights you’re collecting to customize the content you’re producing. Targetting your ads by demographic or location is a great first step to personalizing the content you’re publishing on social media platforms.

Leverage Influencers

While an endorsement by Kim Kardashian is likely not in your marketing budget for the year, that doesn’t mean your brand can’t benefit from the value of leveraging influencer relationships. Do some due diligence to identify influencers, or even micro-influencers with a dedicated following that would be relevant to your businesses. A smaller network of followers means that micro-influencers are highly engaged with their follows and thus usually have a very loyal following. 

One thing is certain when it comes to social media marketing, it’s fast-paced nature means that brands succeeding on platforms are adapting as social media evolves. Refining your social media strategy may be the tool that enables you to connect and convert followers into new customers.