A Great Company Logo can be Essential to Your Business

Having a great logo can help to brand your company and also help attract new customers.  You want your company logo to be one that stands out and grabs attention.  If you are working to come up with a logo or maybe you already have one, ask yourself if the logo meets the following important elements.

1.     Describable

You want your logo to be easily understood and simple to describe.

2.     Memorable

If you can describe a logo, then you will be likely to remember it as well.  A memorable logo will be easily recognized and on the forefront of the user’s mind. 

3.     Effective without Color

Color should be secondary to the shape and design of your logo.  There are many times that the logo may be displayed without color so you want to be sure your design looks great either way.

4.     Scalable

It is important to be sure that the logo can be used at any size.  Will it look good if it is only an inch in size?  This would be important when you are printing on office supplies like pens and stationary. 

5.     Relevant

Your logo should make sense for the business you provide.  Be sure to do research into your industry to know that your logo is relevant and to also ensure it is not similar to a competitor.

There are many ideas and opinions on how to create an effective business logo. At Branding Plus Marketing Group we feel strongly that there is nothing more important than your logo.  We specialize in logo design and we would be thrilled to help investigate and research your business to help create a logo that is affordable and effective.  Give us a call today at 214-824 -4100.