Why Hire a Media Buyer?

In order to understand why you would benefit from hiring a media buyer, let us first tell you what a media buyer does.  Media buyers negotiate creative deadlines, ensuring the creative is delivered to the media on time, media invoice support, strategic planning based on your specific audience, and more.  Below are just a few specific reasons to hire a media buyer for your marketing needs.

Hiring a media buyer does not cost anything extra. When you purchase media directly, you pay the gross price. When you use an accredited media buyer to buy your media, the media gives you a 15% agency discount. Then, you just pay the discounted NET cost to the media instead.  So for the same price you are also getting the expertise from an experienced media buyer.

Media buyers don’t just negotiate lower rates they buy strategically. They put together targeted buys with reach and frequencies that will be effective using research and experience.

Media buyers can get lower rates. Media buyers have the ability to negotiate better prices with the media because of the relationships they have both locally and nationally.

Once you hire a media buyer you do not have to worry about anymore media sales reps pursuing you and sending you research you are not sure you can trust.

Hiring a media buyer is a win.  Anytime you can allow an area to be managed and run by an expert or specialist you should have better results.  At Branding Plus Marketing Group we understand that results matter and we want nothing more than to help strategically get your company to the next level.  Give us a call today at 214-824-4100 and lets meet to discuss your marketing plan.