public relations & reputation management

Public Relations has changed as much as advertising with the proliferation of electronic communication.  There are more opportunities, and there is more dilution.  Despite the explosion of platforms and media resources, Public Relations offers a critical and important opportunity for you to position and promote your company and products.   Branding Plus Marketing Group has significant, verifiable success in producing major coverage and success with our clients.

There is however, a dark side.

That dark side represents an opportunity for your smallest customer or unhappy employee to have major negative impact on your company.  Twenty years ago, we needed to worry about the Better Business Bureau.  Today, within minutes of having an unhappy customer experience, there can be a wave of negative communication about your company on Facebook, YouTube or any number of other electronic forums.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a separate area of Public Relations that is experiencing exponential growth.  Never before has an online presence been more important to the success of a company and it is becoming more and more difficult to manage the huge amount of information that is out there.

Branding Plus Marketing Group uses the most current and up to date technologies to monitor the world with regard to what is being written and said about you.  We know within minutes of either positive or negative comments about your business and will work with you to enhance the positive, correct the misinformed or bury the vindictive and negative in a timely fashion.  Reputation Management may well prove to be the single most important tactic that you use to protect and promote your good reputation, quality products and honorable business practices.

At Branding Plus Marketing Group...


Article in ReNews Americas
When approaching this PR project, we chose to focus not on the client himself, but on the "green" aspect of wind energy as a hot-button issue.  The release was sent out via newswires as well as to a few specifically targeted publications.  The strategy worked and resulted in a front page article in the international industry publication ReNews Americas.

Article in Fort Worth Star Telegram
With small clinics opening up every day around DFW, we knew we would have to take a different approach to announcing the launch of HourCare. We chose to capitalize on the fact that it was an election year and healthcare was a huge issue- specifically, the rising number of uninsured. The piece was picked up and was entirely focused on the opening of our small clinic in Arlington.